As far as HR and employment law are concerned, 2023 was a busy year, with numerous changes and challenges that employers had to keep up with. From the introduction of new sick pay entitlements to the introduction of domestic violence leave, the landscape of employment law underwent substantial changes. As we move into 2024, it appears to be equally as busy, with many changes on the horizon.

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Employers need to plan for several employment law changes in 2024, including an increase in the national minimum wage and increased sick pay entitlements.

Whistleblowing rules to apply to organisations with over fifty employees.

Since 17 December 2023, private sector organisations with over 50 employees are required to establish and implement internal reporting channels and procedures specifically designed for protected disclosures.

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Gender pay gap reports to be released for the second time

Over the next few weeks, larger companies with over 250 employees will be required to reveal their most recent gender pay gap reports.

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